Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Favorite Digimon Countdown

For October, NAPACE is entering some evil, mirror dimension, where this blog is about Digimon instead! Every day this month I'll be counting down my favorite Digimon.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Favorite Digimon #16 - MetalEtemon

Does Etemon remind anyone else of Zack from Dead or Alive?

Etemon in the show was a hoot, I'm always a fan of the villains who are overtly entertainers, who make everything into a big performance at all times. Sounding like Johnny Bravo was just icing on the cake.

So taking all that, and then making him shiny and chrome, and adding some GAINZ? What a champ. MetalEtemon's teeth are solid gold, he doesn't even need grills. But mainly I think I like him because he's simple like Frigamon - all one color, just a shiny brolic monkey. Honestly I'd like him even more if he ditched the plushie, belts, and studs, but such things are obviously necessary symbols of fashion in the Digi-world.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Favorite Digimon #17 - Machinedramon

can we get a shoot-out between this guy and Blastoise please???

Back on track with super badasses, we got Machinedramon. Giant mechanical dragon with huge cannons, sounds like a winner to me. He was one of the Four Dark Masters in the show, and they were all really evil and cool.

I mean, is there anything else I need to say? Not every one of these guys needs a damn essay to justify it, his coolness is just self-evident. Machinerdramon is awesome. If you don't like it, you can go chew rocks.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Favorite Digimon #18 - Sukamon

shout-outs to Ed Roth

Look, this guy was one of my favorites as a little kid and I still don't really know why. I even drew comics about him and stuff. I guess, like most little boys, I thought gross-out stuff was awesome? And Sukamon is certainly grotesque. In Japan, he's clearly supposed to be yellow poop, but I don't think I even realized that back then. (of course, modern kids will be familiar with the poop emoji, and recognize East Asia's established shorthand for poo-poo)

So this one's a nostalgia pick for sure, but I kinda like how apologetically weird he is. His lower jaw is entirely unattached to the rest of his body, and his teeth go all the way around, which is crazy. Oh, and what's up with that ugly ratfink on his shoulder, anyway? Or am I the only one who can see him? He looks like a hallucination.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Favorite Digimon #19 - Wizardmon

Black Mage ain't got nothin on this

Wizard hats like this are something I used to think were dopey, but now I think are kinda neat. They're not traditional "cool", but you can make them work. And Wizardmon absolutely does.

But mainly I love how his body is a jumpsuit, and the zippers are open and there's NOTHING INSIDE!!!!!! or maybe just mysterious darkness?????

Either way I love it. The runes on the inside of the cloak are a nice touch, and check out that oogie-boogie face on his knee. Wizardmon looks like a really cool character from one of those obscure, Japan-only, late-90's RPGs.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Favorite Digimon #20 - WereGarurumon

"Like Garurumon, but teenage, and badass."

We're clearly in the thick of it now. WereGarurumon checks all the boxes - asymmetry, skull-and-crossbones, belts, zippers, scars, spikes, bandage wrappings, he's got it all. You can even count the brass knuckles as fist-studs if you want. I had a toy of him that could turn into Garurumon, but WereGarurumon is so much cooler I never transformed them, just played with the Ultimate form.

I'm also coming to realize there's something appealing to me about the proportions of all the more humanoid Digimon - very long arms and legs, wide shoulders, smaller torsos. Between that and the checklist above, there's almost more design consistency in Digimon than Pokemon - a lot of people (myself included) can point at Pokes and go "now that doesn't look like a Pokemon", but it's always unmistakable when something is a Digimon, for better or for worse.

What I'm trying to say is, WereGarurumon - out of all the Digimon in the world, you're the Digimon-iest. Or maybe Digimost is the proper phrasing?

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Favorite Digimon #21 - MetalKabuterimon

Not the first, or last time the Metal- prefix will appear on this list

J.P. was my favorite character in Frontier, because he wasn't saddled with the dumb angst of the leads. He was comic relief, but actually pretty strong, too. And he turned into an awesome Beetleborg.

So it stands to reason that his Beast form would be even cooler, right? And it is.

For a guy who likes bugs, and also tanks, and also robots, this is pretty much the best thing. The horn being a cannon is brilliant, and I really dig the look of the treads and shoulders, too. MetalKabuterimon isn't about agility or physical strength at all, he's just a mobile gun battery with enough firepower to absolutely raze a small town.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Favorite Digimon #22 - Andromon

Robocop's unemployed, shiftless, alcoholic brother

The great thing about Andromon is that he looks like he's breaking down. One leg is practically bare, exposing his gross alien monster flesh. Mis-matched shoulder plates. Panels have clearly cracked or fallen off in other areas, wires dangle like limb veins. There's the whole off-kilter slouch - dude has the height of Shaq, but the posture of an unbalanced stack of laundry. There's a very Frankenstein vibe to it.

Asymmetry is a big part of the Digimon aesthetic, and Andromon delivers that in spades. He just wouldn't be the same if he was repaired to look all nice and even. Being a piece of junk is his charm point!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Favorite Digimon #23 - Gatomon

Did she steal those gloves from Katt, from Breath of Fire?

Look, Gatomon is my sister's favorite Digimon, so I'm including her here as a favor, but also Gatomon is pretty well-designed. In fact, it's a better cat-monster than most of Gamefreak's attempts.

The fringe (feathers?) on the ears and tail are a fun touch that keeps it from just being a literal cat, and that ring has some significance in the show if I remember my lore correctly. But the real star here are those gloves.

Why would a cat need cat gloves? Well obviously if you've got cute little kitten paws, but still want to deal some Wolverine-level damage, you're gonna need extra claws. Makes sense to me. Like how if you want your gun to shoot better, you can stick another gun on the front. Yes, I'm sure that's how it works, be quiet. Plus, it's just cute.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Favorite Digimon #24 - Frigimon

There's a brown version called MudFrigimon, and I think we can all just be glad there's no yellow snow version.

Here's another Digimon who could be a Pokemon in a pinch. Not that they need to look like Pokemon, mind you, it's just unusual to see a Digimon this simple in design. So I appreciate him for that.

He's a snowman bear, he doesn't need to look as busy as the rest of them! I like his gumdrop buttons, and his big punchy mitten hands. Astute readers will notice a trend - I like guys who punch. I make no effort to hide this, Fighting is my favorite type after Bug and Ghost, after all. (and Snimon was far from the last Digi-bug you'll see on this list...)